Double-Weave Woven Wire

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A Better Choice Than Heavy Gauge, Single Wire Or Punch Plate

With its simple construction of two, side-by-side, lighter-gauge wires, Double-Weave woven wire performs better than heavy gauge, single strand woven wire or even perforated plate screen media.  Why?  The combined tensile strength of two finer-gauge wires is greater than the tensile strength of one heavy-gauge wire, making Double-Weave ideal for heavy impact applications on top screen decks.

Double-Weave weighs less than heavy-gauge, single-strand screen media.  It flexes more readily, so it’s easier to install.  It can absorb impact better.  With more open area than punch plate, Double-Weave increases throughput up to 50% – without the costly screen deck alterations required by perforated plate.  And Double-Weave costs up to 25% less than punch plate, with equal to or better wear performance.

And the benefits don’t stop there.

  • Handles high-impact loads better
  • Excels in pre-scalping large feed materials up to 16”
  • Reduces screen cloth breakage and change-outs
  • Reduces downtime for screen cleaning
  • Improves material throughput with larger openings than punch plate
  • Increases the volume of material you can process
  • Reduces cost of top-deck screening solutions

Double-Weave is ideal for scalping decks, secondary decks and larger-size finishing decks. Double-Weave is available in opening sizes from 1.25” to 5” and wire diameters from .243” to .5” for heavy-, medium- and light-duty applications.  Major Wire manufactures Double-Weave with high-carbon tempered OptimumWire® wire.

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