Flexmat 3 Series LFM
Exclusive To Major Wire

Creative Wire Specialties is an authorized dealer of Major Wire’s products.

Flexmat 3 Series LFM™ is a high-performance harp wire manufactured with polyurethane strips, similar to Major Wire’s Flex-Mat® 3.  Conventional harp (or piano) wire uses hard metal or plastic/metal slides to hold the wire in place at the crown bar.  The crown bars vibrate against the metal slides, causing frequent breakage to standard wire.  Flexmat 3 Series LFM’s straight wires are embedded in molded polyurethane strips, eliminating this steel-on-steel wear, and increasing wear life and performance.

In addition, conventional harp/piano wire screens often suffer from unequal tension among individual wires, which can affect production and product quality.  The wires on Flexmat 3 Series LFM are equally tensioned, which increases overall efficiency and produces a better spec product.

Flexmat 3 Series LFM:

  • Keeps material in spec
  • Handles shock loads better than conventional harp and/or piano wire
  • Lasts up to twice as long as traditional harp/piano wire
  • Available in customized wire types, diameters and configurations

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