Stainless Steel Woven Wire

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A Solution For Several Screening Challenges

With the addition of 11% or more chromium to steel, the stainless steel alloy becomes non-staining under most conditions that corrode plain steel. In addition, alloys containing chromium and nickel are not magnetic when they are annealed.

Major Wire offers stainless steel woven wire in Type 304 (or T-304) as standard. Type 304 stainless steel is sometimes referred to as “18-8” (18% chromium, 8% nickel). T-304 is the basic stainless alloy most commonly utilized for wire cloth weaving. Stainless steel is comparable to high-carbon wire in ductility (flexibility), wear resistance and tensile strength. It also withstands outdoor exposure without rusting, however, and resists oxidation at temperatures up to 1,400 degrees F (760°c).

Type 316 stainless steel wire is stabilized by the addition of 2% molybdenum. Like T-304, T-316 is an “18-8” alloy, but it has better resistance to pitting and corrosion than T304 where brines, sulphur-bearing water or chlorides are present. Another valuable property of T-316 is high creep strength at elevated temperatures. T-316 is ideal when better corrosion resistance is required. Other mechanical properties and fabricating characteristics are similar to T-304.

Major Wire’s stainless steel screen media is available in .035” to .375” wire diameters. Stainless steel wire is available from Major Wire for all wire screen types.

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