OptimumWire® Woven Wire

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Not All Wire Is Created Equal

Major Wire’s OptimumWire® premium wire screen media is made of high-carbon tempered steel for high strength and resistance to abrasion in a proprietary process that differs from most wire manufacturing processes.

Most woven wire is manufactured with high-carbon or oil-tempered wire. High-carbon wire is hard-drawn through a conic die. The high-carbon wire has better ductility than oil-tempered wire, which is heated after drawing then cooled in an oil mist. But oil-tempered wire is harder, so it is better-suited to resist abrasion and wear, and it offers better tensile strength than high-carbon wire.

Major Wire has developed a process that cools the wire before it is drawn, relieving stress and providing the best combination of ductility (flexibility), hardness (wear resistance) and tensile strength (resistance to stretching).

OptimumWire is available for all of Major Wire’s woven wire screen types in square openings from .125” up to 6” and wire diameters from .072” to .75”. In slotted wire, OptimumWire is available in openings from .128” x 2” to .5” x 4.625” and wire diameters from .072” to .177”.

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